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  The company now has nearly 500 employees. While the business is in steady development, the company’s need for talents is also increasing. Since its inception, the company has been actively introducing senior talents and graduates both inside and outside the district. .

 A high-level talent team integrating production and learning based on the carrier of projects has been initially formed. The company regards employees as the driving force for the development of the company, and has built a favorable environment for the birth and the healthy growth of excellent talents, which advocates the “respect for labor, knowledge, talents and creation”

  Talent concept: make good use of the merits of employees, and everyone is a talent; avoid the shortcomings, and allow everyone to grow. Everyone has strengths; it is important to exert their strengths when using people; no one is perfect; as long as one can overcome the shortcomings, everyone can make contributions on the stage of the company.